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SF Business Times: CrunchPad Inc. Formed With 14 Employees In Singapore, Press Event End Of July

The San Francisco Business Times has chronicled the rise of Michael Arrington from a corporate lawyer to an internet tycoon, and now a hardware entrepreneur. In addition, a few more simple details have emerged. The date for the promised CrunchPad press event is at the end of July. Arrington mentioned his plans before to eventually spin off the CP operations into a seperate entity. Now we know this entity is CrunchPad Inc., and it has 14 employees in Singapore.

After leaving a business law firm that specializes in technology companies, he founded and worked for several internet start-ups in the US, UK, and Canada. He then took time off, and in an apparent way to educate himself about the internet, started writing his findings and ideas online. Soon his TechCrunch baby was born, and it’s now on fire.

As Arrington’s success grows in media and hardware in the coming years, we shouldn’t be surprised if either a biographer chronicles his life in more detail or if he writes his own memoir. After all, he’s already one of the most influential people in 2008.