As TechCrunch Aims to Produce Tablets For Web Surfing, Others See Opportunities for eReading

While Arrington’s original dream had nothing to do with the CrunchPad being mainly an e-reader, many in the blogosphere have suggested that it would be the perfect e-reader for books and newspapers.

TechCrunch has yet to explain or demonstrate what reading application the CrunchPad will host. Smart Q7, a tablet recently released only in Asian markets, uses FBreader, a Linux based ebook reader. This same application also opens PDFs, a need expressed many times over at the comments in TechCrunch posts.

In addition, several have pointed out that the CrunchPad may be a substitute for products such as the Kindle, Plastic Logic, and Sony Reader.

Here are some comments from writers:

“Ladies and gentlemen, this could be the iPod moment for eBooks.” – Fiction Matters

“However, if TechCrunch can work with its partners to keep costs down to its originally predicted $200 price tag, the CrunchPad is likely to fly off the shelves. And so for newspapers. Given the size – a 12inch screen with an 18mm-thick aluminium casing – the CrunchPad is ideal for browsing the Internet and reading a newspaper, as the picture of the device surfing the New York Times demonstrates.”

“These new, lower cost tools present another exciting opportunity for media organizations to connect with readers, especially those who can’t afford top-of-the line gear.”Poynter Online

“Equipped with a 12″ screen  flush with the case and  a 18mm-thick aluminium casing –  is also ideal for reading  newspapers… perhaps the perfect companion for the google concecpt of an ereader. Google provides the books, TechCrunch provide the ideal mobile ‘net’ device.”Fresh Tech


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