TechCrunch Reveals CrunchPad Launch Protype – Prepare to Drool Over Pics

Michael Arrington has released new pictures of what he says will closely resemble how the product will look like on launch date.

At the forefront, it is much sexier than the previous prototype. At 0.7 inches (18 mm), it stands to be thinner than the thick end of the MacBook Air and most netbooks . While the previous release showed the pad in red and in white, the  pictures now show only a black/charcoal finish. As notebook companies such as HP, Dell, and Asus attempt to grab a share of the female market by beautifying their devices, it should come as no surprise if the CP also comes in red or pink.

He explained that even though the aluminum casing will be more expensive than the plastic, the team ended up choosing the former since it is sturdier and allows them to make it thinner. This will likely mirror what Apple will do to their tablets rumored to be released early 2010. With the addition of aluminum, we’re not sure if Arrington can still keep his promised price of 300, which was the target price announced when the tabelt was going to be developed using plastic.

In addition, the TechCrunch post starts with a picture of a model on a couch holding the CP, which suggests creative marketing agencies have already begun work on the CP.  With a fan base such as TechCrunch, we don’t know how much advertising this beauty really needs.

There are actually two version shown in the pictures. One with the CrunchPad logo adjacent to a set of LED lights while the other has them at different corners.

A press event will be held at Silicon Valley around July. To be informed of any updates, you can send an email to


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