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Move Over Wii Fit, Here Comes The Next Use Of The Crunchpad And Other Net Tablets

The Wii Fit is truly an innovative product with many hoping to shed pounds with it. However for $90, you never know if you’ll use it for a couple of days and then chuck it in the attic or under the bed.

One of the advantages of tablets and other touchscreens is their ability to be placed in many more places than a netbook: it’s just a slab without a keyboard. What does that call for?

Michael Morganbauer is using an HP Touchsmart in front of his bike. Get out your old fitness bikes and steppers in your garage, and plant them in front of your Crunchpad. You will need a stand for a table which I’m sure third party manufacturers will develop. Raise the stand, and you’ve got yourself a Wii Fit substitute.

Placing the 22″ or 25″ HP Touchsmart in front on a table is a good idea, but doing the same for the 12″ Crunchpad might prove a challenge. A more conveinent way to trim the waist line while surfing is if you place it straight on the handle bars.

HP Touchsmart